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Author Visit
Volunteers will work with the Principal and Librarian to plan visit of children's book author
Book Fair
Volunteers assist with book fair set-up, help children with book selections, and collect payment at two Scholastic book fairs.
Box Tops
Meet to count and sort Box Tops, then send in to earn cash payment for the school.
Done in a Day
The PTA occasionally needs volunteers to help provide baked goods or help with an event for a few hours. Sign up to be one of the people we can call to see if you're available to help.
Faculty First Day Lunch
Volunteers will help serve a luncheon for the faculty and staff on their first day - the day before students report for the school year.
First Day of School Parent Coffee
Provide and set up coffee and breakfast pastries for parents during the first morning of the school year.
Gertrude Hawk Candy Sale
Work with the vendor to determine the schedule, promoting, and selling the candy. Responsibility also includes the delivery and distribution of the candy. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year!
Volunteers may help environmentally friendly ideas come to life at CCS and also help students with sorting recyclable and compostable items in the cafeteria.
Ice Cream Social/Bike Rodeo
Plan and assist with this event where students are treated to ice cream sundaes and practice bike safety skills.
Plan and implement the PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) program at the Elementary school. PARP is a reading program that cements the necessary bond between home and school to encourage the love of reading.
School Supply Kits
Work with teachers and vendor to create supply lists for each grade and distribute kits to classrooms before the beginning of the school year.
Coordinate with the art teacher and Square1Art and help distribute items when they come in.
Teacher Appreciation Lunch
Plan, prepare, order and serve a lunch for faculty and staff.
Utica Coffee Fundraiser
Volunteers will help plan the fundraiser and distribute orders.
Welcome Reception for New Clinton Parents
Host a wine and cheese reception on a Sunday afternoon in September for families that are new to the Clinton School District.
Yearbook (Elementary)
Gather, edit and assemble photos and other materials for the yearbook.

Suggestions for improvement, fundraisers, use of funds, or activities:
Do you have a special skill or interest (baking, phone calls, flyer design, fundraisers, sales, etc) that you would be willing to contribute to the PTA?

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President - Erin Nackley
Vice President - Angela Rorick
Membership - Carrie Reaves
Secretary - Melinda Leising
Communications - Laura Wileczka
Treasurer - Meghan Jackson