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November 29, 2018
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CCS District Calendar

PTA News

PTA Spirit Wear Order Pick-Up

PTA Meeting Schedule
Below is a list of dates for the remaining PTA Meetings for this school year. All PTA Meetings are held at 7pm in the Secondary Media Center. We'd love to have you come to discuss upcoming PTA sponsored events and fundraisers, new ideas, or ask any questions you may have.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Farm to School Sample Day
This week students sampled Roasted Cauliflower with Turmeric - November's Harvest of the Month item. This recipe is also on the menu as a side dish on Thursday, November 29. Cauliflower is locally grown through late summer and into the fall. Cauliflower is high in vitamin C and a good source of potassium and folate. Vitamin C helps your body heal cuts and wounds and lowers your risk of infection. Potassium regulates fluid balance and muscle contractions. Folate also helps to make cells and prevent birth defects. Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped out today!

If you are interested in Farm to School or volunteering to serve Harvest of the Month Samples in the future, please contact the CCS Farm to School committee at farmtoschool@ccspta.info/

Harvest of the Month Sample Schedule

The CCS PTA Farm to School Committee, working with OHM BOCES Food Service and the Mohawk Valley Farm to School Initiative, has launched a new Harvest of the Month sampling program. Harvest of the Month is a Farm to School initiative that promotes a seasonal, locally grown item each month. A day or two before the Harvest of the Month is listed on the menu each month, the elementary school kitchen staff will prepare a batch of the menu item for volunteers to serve samples to students in the cafeteria. The idea is to encourage the students to try something new and maybe even choose it for lunch later in the week. Below is our sample schedule:

Menu Item Sample Date Date Listed on Menu
Roasted Cauliflower November 27 November 29
Asian Cabbage Slaw December 18 December 20
Butternut Squash Soup January 29 January 31
Mini Potatoes February 26 February 28
Honey Carrot Bar March 26 March 28
Black Bean and Corn Salsa April 23 April 25
Cheesy Kale Bake May 21 May 23
Cucumber Yogurt Dip June 4 June 6

If you would like to join the Farm to School committee, please email us at farmtoschool@ccspta.info You can also help by encouraging your child to try the samples offered! Thank you for your support!

School News

Notification of Construction on Campus
Dear Faculty, Staff, Parents, Guardian, Students, and other concerned parties,

I am pleased to report that our Capital Project of 208 has finally been approved by the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

The purpose of this communication is to meet the requirement of formally notifying you that we expect to begin construction on this project at the end of January 2019 (approximately January 28, 2019) and it continue through the summer of 2020.

The project will be conducted at the Elementary, Middle and High Schools located at 75 Chenango Ave, Clinton, NY, 13323. Most of the initial construction in the first five months will involve the reconstruction of the elementary school main office and art rooms and see below for highlights of the project. I will also be sending out more information regarding timelines and work to be accomplished in the near future and throughout the project, and will be utilizing our Capital Project webpage to house most of this information: https://www.ccs.edu/domain/375

In accordance with regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the District will provide a safe school environment throughout this project which includes an update of the school emergency plan to reflect any temporary exits or procedures needed as a result of the construction work at the schools, and fire drills being held to familiarize students and staff with any temporary exits. In addition, every effort will be made to separate occupied areas of the building and construction will kept to a minimum while the building is occupied. Also, all applicable federal and stated rules and regulations will be strictly adhered to throughout the length of this project.

Specific questions or concerns about this project may be directed to the Superintendent's Office at (315) 557- 2253.


Stephen L. Grimm, Ed.D.


Highlights of the proposed project include:

Middle/High School
  • Security upgrades at the main entrance
  • Additional cameras
  • Entry door access control hardware
  • Removal of vinyl asbestos floor tile
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Telecommunications upgrades
  • Wireless access points
  • Public address system
  • Window replacement
  • Lighting upgrades to LED
  • Mechanical and plumbing improvements
  • Top-Dress athletic fields
  • Upgrade MS classroom finishes
  • Electrical distribution upgrades
  • Generator upgrades
  • MS office reconfiguration
  • Upgrade Home & Careers suite
  • Upgrade MS Technology room
  • HS Office & Guidance suite reconfiguration
Elementary School
  • Secure entry vestibule
  • Additional cameras
  • Entry door access control hardware
  • Removal of vinyl asbestos floor tile
  • Telecommunications upgrades
  • Wireless access points
  • Public address system
  • Lighting upgrades to LED
  • Mechanical and plumbing improvements
  • Upgrade classroom finishes
  • Electrical distribution upgrades
  • Office and new entry vestibule
  • Art suite relocation
  • Music suite reconfiguration

Second Grade Project
Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Hall are working on an inter-disciplinary project with second grade revolving around the story "Nanette's Baguette." Mo Willems creates amazing illustrations that consist of three-dimensional villages. The students read the story and analyzed the illustrations in library and now are teaming up with art so that they are constructing their own three-dimensional suburban, rural, and urban communities which they have been studying with the second grade teachers. The students will be working with the classroom teachers to write a sentence or two about their own personal character and what they do in the community.

2018 Stuff the Bus School Challenge

Clinton Elementary School Spirit Days

Below you will find the dates of several upcoming school spirit days at Clinton Elementary:

  • Friday, November 30 - Clinton Warrior Day - Wear school colors.
  • Friday, December 7 - Jersey Day - Wear a jersey or shirt to support your favorite sports team.
  • Friday, December 21 - Cozy Winter Day - Wear sweaters or sweatshirts.
Click here for the full list of spirit days for this school year.

Sports News

Student Athletes
The Clinton teams listed below have qualified for Student Athlete team awards. Teams qualify by having 75% of its roster with an unweighted GPA of over 90. Individuals with a GPA over 90 receive a pin.

Team GPA # Pins
Tennis 95.8 11
Boys Cross Country 95 12
Girls Cross Country 94.7 12
Girls Soccer 94.3 22
Field Hockey 93.4 12
Boys Soccer 91 12

Clinton Girls Youth Basketball Sign Ups

Varsity Hockey's Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Community News

Nutcracker Puppet Show - Thursday, November 29 & Friday, November 30

Happy Tails Reading Program - Thursday, November 29, 4pm

Family Crafts - Gingerbread Houses - Monday, December 5, 6 - 7 pm

Wellin Kids: Pom Pom People & Pets - Saturday, December 1, 2 pm
Drop in for free children’s activities and treats! Kids will learn how to make yarn pom poms, then use them to make a fluffy cast of characters. This project is inspired by the art featured in Jeffrey Gibson: This Is The Day.

Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College
198 College Hill Rd
Clinton, NY 13323

The Clinton Central School District Foundation is looking for your opinions!

The Clinton Central School District Foundation is looking for your opinions!

The Foundation will be conducting focus groups with parents of elementary, middle and high school students to better understand your impressions of the school and The Foundation so that we can better meet your needs in the future.

Make your voice heard!

  • Elementary School Parent Focus Group: December 4, 6pm
  • Middle School Parent Focus Group: December 5, 6pm
  • High School Parent Focus Group: December 6, 6pm

As a thank you, all participants will receive a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card. Refreshments will be provided. Size is limited. To register, email: ccsdfoundation@gmail.com

Clinton Central School District Foundation Mission Statement: The mission of the Clinton Central School District Foundation is to promote and support excellence in education in the Clinton Central School System. The Foundation's basic premise is that there is no more important a gift that we can give to our students and to our society than a high-quality educational program. The Foundation will provide additional resources to the Clinton Central School District in collaboration with the School Administration and the Board of Education to support programs that would otherwise be beyond the scope of the annual operating budget of the school system.

Clinton Central School District Foundation Annual Fund Drive

Clinton Girls Basketball Team Volunteers

The Clinton Girls basketball team volunteered at the Clinton Shoppers Stroll by giving out smores and hot chocolate!

Locally Made Yogurt Offered in Cafeteria

MVCC School Break Kids Camps

Kirkland Art Center After School Program

Kirkland Art Center K-12 Art and Movement Camps Spring 2019!

Winter Break

February 18-22, 2019
Cost: $160 per student member / $180 non-member

Spring Break

April 15-19, 2019
Cost: $160 per student member / $180 non-member

The offerings will be divided to accommodate elementary students, junior high students and high school students with appropriately themed art and movement activities for each group. There will be two sessions each day for each group so that they have different activities and a different teacher from the morning session to the afternoon session. Students please bring sack lunches. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Clinton Arena Skating Schedule

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